Will Rolaids hurt your dog?

Will Rolaids hurt your dog?

Rolaids can be used on dogs too. The active ingredients are typically not harmful if you use a relatively low dose. Also, watch your dog for negative reactions. If possible, follow a vet’s advice when using Rolaids (or any other antacid).

What happens if a dog eats an antacid?

If your dog eats too many Tums, it may become constipated or blocked. Though constipation can occur from time to time, it can also be very dangerous. Luckily, your vet can prescribe a stool softener.

Can you give a dog Rolaids or Tums?

The short answer is yes, you can give your dog Tums for digestion issues, and it may provide temporary relief, even though it almost certainly isn’t the most effective choice for treatment.

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