Why is my dog suddenly so protective?

Why is my dog suddenly so protective?

The Root of the Behavior Overprotection in many forms simply comes from jealousy. A dog who receives too much attention during their younger years or one who has to compete with another dog for the human companions attention will often develop overprotective or aggressive behaviors.

What does it mean when your dog is guarding you?

Resource guarding, sometimes called possessive aggression, happens when your dog shows overly protective behavior like growling or biting over a resource, or something they consider to be high value. A dog’s resource can be anything from food to toys to a bed or favorite bone, and even you, their human.

What do you do when your dog is too protective of you?

By letting someone else help, you not only socialize your dog, but you teach him that other people can make him happy, too. One way to work on curbing overprotective tendencies is to exercise more but do it purposefully. A well-exercised dog won’t have extra energy to snap and snarl at everything that moves.

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