Why does my dog pee on walks?

Why does my dog pee on walks?

Dogs pee multiple times on walks because they are likely scent marking, a practice they use to determine and establish their social ranking, learn about other dogs, and find a mate. They may also have some medical or anxiety issues at play.

Why is my puppy leaving a trail of pee?

Causes of Leaking Urine in Dogs Urinary tract infection – UTIs can cause irritation and inflammation and result in urine dribbling or incontinence. Bladder stones – Uroliths or bladder stones can cause urinary issues including incontinence.

How do I stop my dog from peeing on walks?

You can use a command like, leave-it or don’t pee on that! You could also interrupt them by simply calling their name. General obedience skills are a must if you’re trying to keep your off-leash dog from marking.

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