Why does my dog keep smelling like pee?

Why does my dog keep smelling like pee?

If your pup smells like urine, he could have a urinary tract infection.

How do I keep my dogs from smelling like pee?

Baking soda naturally neutralizes odors. Sprinkle it liberally on the damp area or even an old urine stain, and work the powder gently into the fibers of any fabric, rug or carpet. Let the baking soda sit overnight for maximum odor absorption, then vacuum it up to remove the smell completely.

Why does my dog always smell like cat pee?

Also, it is more common to see dogs develop a skin odor on products with more naturally occurring sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. If they release more oil through their skin, this oil can accumulate and begin to turn rancid, which will cause a noticeable odor (similar to cat urine).

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