Why does my dog cry when pooping?

Why does my dog cry when pooping?

Colon or Rectum Disorder When there is a problem occurring inside the colon or the rectum, your dog will experience pain when they try to defecate. Masses, such as cancer or polyps, can cause the fecal matter to back up and be more difficult for your dog to pass. This can cause them to yelp when they defecate.

Why is my puppy crying when pooping?

If your dog tries to poop but whines or yelps from pain, then he may be constipated. He may also have a urinary tract infection or some other health problem, and you should take him to the vet if he’s in pain.

Why is my dog in pain pooping?

Painful defecation in dogs can also be the result of an enlarged prostate pressing against your dog’s rectum. Several things can cause a prostate to become enlarged, including a tumor, infection, or hormones if the dog is not neutered.

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