What will you do if you see a wounded animal?

What will you do if you see a wounded animal?

When You See an Animal in Distress If an animal is injured, please remain with the animal until help is secured. If you have witnessed an illegal act of cruelty to an animal, please document all the relevant details and file a First Information Report with the police immediately.

How will you help an injured bird or animal?

If I find an injured animal, I will – I would ensure that it heals quickly. I’ll provide food and water to it and even build a temporary shelter for it so that it feels safe. I’ll give it all the necessary medicines to quicken the healing process.

Do Rspca take wild birds?

Injured wild birds and the law Injured birds of prey should be given to an experienced bird of prey keeper or raptor rehabilitator to look after. Please contact Raptor Rescue, RSPCA/SSPCA/USPCA or a vet for advice on the best course of action

Do the RSPCA help wild animals?

We have four wildlife centres Lots of our animal centres and branches also take in sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, plus we work with a number of other wildlife rehabilitators to rehabilitate casualty wildlife.

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