What does it mean to lick an eyeball?

What does it mean to lick an eyeball?

Eyeball-licking fetishism, also known as oculolinctus or worming, is gaining popularity as a way of expressing affection or inciting sexual arousal in Japan.

What happens if you lick an eye?

When you get licked on the eye, you’re transferring dangerous bacteria to the eye, said Cykiert. It’s a very dangerous trend, to say the least. Cykiert said transferring bacteria to the eye leaves people with a higher risk of contracting conjunctivitis or, more seriously, a corneal ulcer.

Can eyeballs be licked?

Licking Eyeballs is Dangerous Eyeball licking can cause some serious infections and damages to the eye which can lead to blindness if not treated.

Do people lick each others eyeballs?

Have you heard about the new trend called ‘eyeball licking’? (Also known as ‘oculolinctus’ or ‘worming’.) Basically, people are licking each other’s eyeballs and it’s becoming a popular show of affection.

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