Is Nutella safe for dogs to eat?

Is Nutella safe for dogs to eat?

The good news is that Nutella is usually safe for dogs to eat. Although it contains chocolate in the form of cocoa, and therefore theobromine, it’s a very tiny percentage of the ingredients.

How much Nutella is toxic to dogs?

A teaspoon of Nutella should not put Buba at risk of serious chocolate toxicity. A 16lb dog would need to eat 5 or more ounces of milk chocolate to be at risk of serious toxicity. At worst, you may see some vomiting or diarrhea.

What happens if a dog eat Nutella?

Although the theobromine content is unlikely to harm your dog, that doesn’t mean chocolate spread can’t do them any harm. As we’ve seen, the chocolate spread has a huge amount of sugar and fats, which can trigger pancreatitis. The hazelnuts, although not toxic to dogs, can also cause pancreatitis.

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