Is asparagus poisonous to rabbits?

Is asparagus poisonous to rabbits?

Asparagus is okay to give to your bunny as part of a varied diet. You shouldn’t, of course, give ONLY asparagus to your rabbit. You should always provide a wide range of veggies to your bunny. However, asparagus is completely okay to feed to your bunny as a snack or health treat.

Can rabbits have asparagus raw?

Any cooked or processed asparagus is not recommended since your rabbit is an herbivore and they rely on raw foods to get their nutrients. Everything a rabbit needs can be provided in fresh and raw form. Your rabbit’s stomach is just not made to handle cooked food, including asparagus.

How much asparagus can a rabbit eat?

You can give your rabbits a small 2 inch piece of asparagus as a treat. Giving your rabbit more or feeding asparagus as part of your rabbit’s daily diet could lead to uneaten caecotrophs and diarrhea due to the high amounts of water in asparagus. Asparagus has high amounts of water.

How do I give my rabbit asparagus?

During the first time that you introduce asparagus in your rabbit’s diet, give only a small portion of it and wait for 24 hours. Make sure that you only introduce one new food at a time. Asparagus is not to be introduced until your rabbit is full grown.

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