How much play time should a puppy get?

How much play time should a puppy get?

According to The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, a good good starting point is to aim for 5 minutes of exercise, twice a day, for each month of age. For example, 3-month-old puppies should have 15 minutes of exercise twice a day, then 20 minutes twice a day at 4 months, etc).

Do I need to play with my puppy all the time?

Keep to a regular routine of taking your puppy outside at least every two-to-four hours and after every change of activity. This is especially important during house training and will keep accidents to a minimum. Several short play sessions during the day are better for a puppy than one long one.

Can puppies play too much?

We break up play when any pup gets too intense even if it’s not aggressive. Otherwise, your puppy thinks that over-intense play is OK and normal. I’d suggest you cut back play time to a few hours at your neighbors and only leave him there every other day.

Should you limit puppy playtime?

Why Limit Puppy Play Time? Puppies that run around and play too much can place a lot of stress on their growth plates. This stress could lead to bone deformations, which will cause long term issues. That’s why it’s important to split up exercise sessions, so your pup can have some time to recover.

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