How do I adopt a dog from Hoboken NJ?

How do I adopt a dog from Hoboken NJ?

*Hoboken, NJ:

  • Please contact Hoboken’s Health Officer Frank Sasso’s office.
  • M-F 9am-4pm at (201) 420-2375.
  • This department will send someone from the Newark Humane Society to pickup the stray from the area it was found.

Are there kill shelters in NJ?

Only 53.68% of New Jersey shelters are no-kill (a state is considered to be no-kill when every brick-and-mortar shelter serving and/or located within the state has a save rate of 90% or higher). 5,144 dogs and cats remain to be saved in the shelters that are not yet no-kill.

Is Wood Green Animal Shelter closing down?

Wood Green, the Animals Charity, is planning to close its base in Lordship Lane. The centre was originally opened in 1924 when its founder Louisa Snow realised that there was the growing number of abandoned and injured animals seen on the streets of London following WWI.

Is South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter a No-Kill shelter?

NoKill Directory In our function as a South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter, we serve as a refuge for thousands of stray, unwanted, abused, abandoned and sick animals.

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