How contagious is kennel cough to humans?

How contagious is kennel cough to humans?

Kennel cough is generally not contagious to humans, but it can affect immunocompromised people as well as pregnant women and infants. Therefore, it is best to keep these at-risk people away from dogs who have the disease or who have had it in the past 14 days.

Can I spread kennel cough on my clothes?

It is important to remember that the disease can be spread by contact with objects that the infected dog has been around, such as food/water dishes, crates, bedding, and clothing.

Can kennel cough be passed through humans?

Kennel cough is caused by a number of bacteria and viruses. Most of them can’t be passed on to humans. The main bacteria (Bordetella bronchiseptica) can infect humans, but only those with weakened immune systems. Even then, it’s very rare.

How long is kennel cough contagious for?

How long is kennel cough contagious? In general, dogs who have kennel cough are no longer contagious after 10-14 days. This window can be shortened if antibiotics are used to treat the bacterial infection.

How long does kennel cough live on clothing?

People, and their clothing, can also serve as a source of transmission if they do not disinfect their hands and clothing between pets. Bacteria, like Bordetella, can survive on surfaces for up to 48 hours, ready and waiting to be transmitted to another unsuspecting host to continue the cycle of infection.

Can humans carry kennel cough on their clothes?

Kennel Cough can survive outside for a limited time (about half an hour), but is highly contagious until that point. You can also transmit kennel cough from an infected dog on your hands, shoes, and clothing

How contagious is kennel cough on clothes?

How long can kennel cough stay on clothes? Bordetella bacteria can survive on surfaces for up to two full days, so it’s easily spread between dogs via contaminated objects.

Can a person carry a kennel cough germ to another pet?

Key takeaways. While it’s possible to contract kennel cough from a dog or other pet, it’s also unlikely. People with underlying medical conditions are most at risk. The best way to protect against kennel cough is to make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations.

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