Can you train a Patterdale terrier?

Can you train a Patterdale terrier?

Can you train a Patterdale terrier?

Are Patterdale Terriers easy to train? Patterdales are very intelligent, so combined with the fact that they love to please, they are highly trainable dogs. Their training should start at an early age and be consistent throughout their lives, but with the correct amount, you’ll be able to teach them all sorts.

Are Patterdale Terriers hard to train?

Lets not beat around the bush – Patterdale terrier training is tough! They are a feisty breed with a strong chase instinct and highly scent driven.  Many people who are training working dogs or looking for a family pet start training from pups at around 12 weeks.

Are Patterdale Terriers easy to house train?

Patterdales are no harder to train than any other dog. If you say he wees a lot, maybe a trip to the vet will rule out any urine infection, which would explain increased urination. Try sleeping him in a cage at night, use it as his bed. Most dogs are reluctant to wee on their beds and can provide a good start.

How do I train my Patterdale?


  1. Heel Work – walk to heel on the lead.
  2. Heel Work – walk to heel off the lead.
  3. Down – “down” on command.
  4. Sit – dog will sit when you stop walking.
  5. Come – come to you in the “frontal sit”

Are Patterdales aggressive?

Patterdale terriers are loyal and loving to their owners and so if they are treated right, and well trained and socialised, it is very rare that they are aggressive to their dog mom or dad.  Aggression towards people in Patterdale terriers is often through fear and so patience and building up trust is important.

Are Patterdale terriers dangerous?

Patterdale terriers are fiesty and energetic dogs for sure. Their temperament is quite similar to that of a Jack Russel. They have a great deal of energy and need a lot of attention and walks. If they don’t get enough intellectual stimulation and exercise then their behaviour can become destructive or aggressive.

Why does my Patterdale terrier shake?

Exercise, stress or excitement can cause the shaking to start, so it is important to keep your dog calm. In an active dog it is, of course, difficult to limit exercise and to limit excitement. Treatment that addresses both the primary and underlying causes is essential to cure dog tremors.

How do I teach a Patterdale recall?

How to train your Dog

  1. Allow your dog to roam. Try to keep the line loose on the ground.
  2. Towards the end of the line, call your dog by name, followed by ‘here’ or ‘come’.
  3. Make sure to pet or give your dog a reward when they come back. Don’t repeat your command.
  4. Keep it up until they get it right every time.

Patterdale Terrier – Dogster

Can you let a Patterdale off the lead?

Puppies off Lead

Start to let your pup off lead in a safe place as soon as possible. If you have adopted an adult dog, off lead walks may still be possible although not always, and a lot of recall training will be required – training your dog to come back to you when called.

What is the life expectancy of a Patterdale terrier?

A healthy Patterdale Terrier will weigh 5-6 kg, with a life expectancy of 10-12 years.

Do Patterdale Terriers shed?

Patterdale Terriers will shed different amounts depending on the type of coat they have: smooth, rough or broken. Generally speaking, their coats are easy enough to keep in tip-top condition – 1 brush per week should do the trick, and you’ll only need to bathe your Patterdale Terrier when they’re really muddy.

What does a Patterdale terrier look like?

Patterdale Terriers have small, compact, sturdy frames covered in smooth, broken or rough coats that come in red, black, brown, and black and tan. Their strong heads have tapered muzzles, keen dark eyes and V-shaped ears that fold forward. Their tails are carried high without curling over the back.

What is the average weight of a Patterdale terrier?

Size. The Patterdale Terrier should weigh between eleven and 13 pounds and stand between twelve and 15 inches at the shoulders. That said, many dogs may be smaller or larger than average for their breed.

Are Patterdale Terriers good pets?

But the truth is that Patterdale terriers make excellent pets as long as they are with the right owner. Characteristics of Patterdale terriers include loyalty and affection towards their owner. This makes them an excellent companion dog.

Do Patterdales like cats?

They need to be watched with toy dogs and puppies. Some grow up with ‘their pack’ but aren’t trustworthy outside their pack, others tolerate e.g. cats but would chase if a cat runs. Patterdales have been known to kill cats so please don’t take this lightly; their instincts can get the better of them – not their fault.

What is the bite force of a Patterdale terrier?

Bite Force – 230 PSI.

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