Can you give a dog a sleeping pill?

Can you give a dog a sleeping pill?

While these drugs are designed to cause sleep and sedation in humans, they can have the opposite effects in dogs and cats. Sleep aids should never be given to pets without consultation with a veterinarian

What medication can I give my dog to sleep?

The most common type of sleep medication given to pets is diazepam (Valiumxae), although longer acting benzodiazepines may be used (eg temazepam). The symptoms of cognitive dysfunction are sometimes treated with a drug called selegiline.

Is there an over the counter sleeping pill for dogs?

Sleeping medicine for dogs A variety of over-the-counter drugs can also help a dog sleep. Benadryl is probably the most common. However, unlike natural remedies, Benadryl is not something you want to use on an ongoing basis.

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