Can I get my dog a little high?

Can I get my dog a little high?

Yes, your dog can get high by inhaling marijuana smoke and/or ingesting pot edibles. The difference is, dogs feel high much, much more intensely than humans do. Dogs are likely to find any state of altered reality extremely distressing.

Can you get a dog high by blowing smoke in their ears?

Because their ear is attached to their face and the smoke is actually not going down the ear canal. Stop making your dog high. No, really, please stop.THC is not good for them (especially if ingested, but secondhand smoke isn’t good for them either).

What happens if you accidentally get your dog high?

No. The symptoms vary greatly, but are rarely fatal. According to a 2013 study published in Topics in Companion Animal Medicine, these symptoms can include vomiting, tremors, agitation and in some cases seizures, depending on the dosage consumed and the potency of the marijuana.

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