What causes your teeth to chatter?

What causes your teeth to chatter?

In a nutshell, your teeth chatter when your body tries to regulate its internal thermostat. Our bodies are used to staying at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. When our temperature deviates from that, our body does all it can to get back to our normal temperature.

Why do my teeth clatter when I’m cold?

So why do our teeth chatter when we get cold? The short answer is that our facial muscles are shaking in an attempt to get warm, causing our teeth to bang into one another. Your face is shivering! The two most common temperature regulation tools that the human body uses are sweating and shivering.

What is it called when your teeth chatter?

Bruxism. If you grind your teeth, you have a condition people in the dental profession call bruxism. This involuntary movement can cause jaw pain, headaches, the wearing away of tooth enamel, gum sensitivity, or chipped teeth. And some people who have bruxism experience teeth chattering in their sleep.

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