Is puppy food too rich for adult dogs?

Is puppy food too rich for adult dogs?

Puppy food is very rich in fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, making it perfect for the growing bodies of young pups. Unfortunately, this makes the food a bit too rich for adult pooches and feeding it to Fido could even make him sick.

What happens if grown dogs eat puppy food?

The main concern from an adult dog eating puppy food is weight gain. The large amount of fat in these mixes causes excessive weight gain which can lead to a multitude of health problems. Diabetes, joint pain, and general mobility difficulties can all be caused by weight gain.

Is puppy food too rich?

A common concern that their food might be too rich. What most people mean when they say a food could be too rich is that the food may be too high in protein or fat. The NRC has established that there is no upper limit for protein or fat in the diet of cats and dogs that would be deemed inappropriate.

Is puppy food bad for adults?

Although puppy food is safe for adult dogs, this does not mean it is ideal nor appropriate. Puppy food is tailored made for young dogs that have just transferred from their mother’s milk and need more energy for growth. The energy is provided through higher percentages of fat, protein, and overall, calories.

How do you know if a dog food is too rich?

A very common symptom of overfeeding is when a dog’s bowel movement is normal in the morning but soft at night. While some breeds appear to be more prone to gas, experiencing frequent gas that is out of the ordinary in terms of smell usually suggests something isn’t quite right in their system.

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