Is it OK for my dog to lay in the sun?

Is it OK for my dog to lay in the sun?

There is always such thing as too much of a good thing which also applies to your pup’s sunbathing. Too much sun exposure can lead to sunburning and even skin cancer in dogs. Short-haired or hairless breeds are at the most risk for this and should wear dog-safe sunscreen when outside for prolonged periods of time.

Why do dogs lay in the sun when it’s hot?

It’s their instinct, which will come into play to seek shade whenever the heat becomes too intensive for them. In case you spend a huge amount of time outside with your pup, consider picking some dog-safe sunscreen. Human sunscreen won’t work because it contains zinc oxide, which is toxic to pets.

How long can my dog lay in the sun?

In general, veterinarians recommend that your pets get a minimum of 20 to 40 minutes of direct outdoor sunlight daily. Light filtered through glass windows may feel good to your dog or cat, but it lacks ultraviolet rays and as such won’t impart the same health benefits.

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