How long will my dog be high off an edible?

How long will my dog be high off an edible?

between 12-24 hours

Are dogs affected by edibles?

The sugar alcohol xylitol, another common ingredient in edibles, is similarly toxic to dogs. A pup’s size also plays role in how weed will affect them. Like any drug, the higher the dose of THC per body weight, the more potential potency, Drobatz says.

What do I do if my dog accidentally gets high?

The best thing you can do is take note of the symptoms and call the Pet Poison Helpline and be honest. This honesty will go a long way and will allow the hotline to better aid in the next course of action, which usually includes allowing the pup to sleep it off.

How do dogs act when they eat edibles?

If your dog ate an edible infused with THC, it’ll take roughly 30 minutes to an hour for the weed to take effect. * Physically, you might notice dilated pupils, a slower heart rate, and difficulty walking, if they can walk at all

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