How do I stop my dog from being jealous?

How do I stop my dog from being jealous?

u200cTo stop your dog’s jealous behavior early, you can try the following tips:

  • Record examples that cause jealousy or aggression in your dog.
  • Avoid giving too much attention to one pet over another.
  • Train your dog to feel safe and relaxed in their crate.
  • Make a separate feeding space for multiple animals.
  • How can you tell if a dog is jealous?

    9 Signs of Jealousy in Pets

  • Aggression.
  • Going to the bathroom indoors/outside the litter box.
  • Paying extra attention to you (being clingy)
  • Pushy behavior.
  • Growling, hissing, or getting into a fight with another pet.
  • Trying to scare off strangers.
  • Doing a trick.
  • Crowding your space.
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