How do I cure my dogs hiccups?

How do I cure my dogs hiccups?

How Can You Get Rid of Dog Hiccups?

  • Calm Irregular Breathing. Help your dog’s breathing pattern become more steady and rhythmic.
  • Drink Water. Like with humans, drinking water can assist with hiccups.
  • Slow Down at Dinner. Hiccups can occur if your dog is eating too fast.
  • Is it bad if my dog keeps hiccuping?

    Most of the time, dog hiccups are perfectly normal and will resolve themselves in a few minutes. However, once the hiccups start to last for hours and begin to affect your dog’s quality of life, you should consider taking your fur baby to the vet.

    What causes a dog to have hiccups?

    Just like human hiccups, dogs and puppy hiccups happen because of factors like eating or drinking water too fast, having gastrointestinal upset, being overly tired from energetic play, overexcited, or even if they’re too cold!

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