How do I calm my puppy down when excited?

How do I calm my puppy down when excited?

Allow your pup ample time to completely relax and settle, then you can reward them with attention, some calming rubs, or a special chew toy they can enjoy that encourages them to stay calm. Rewarding them at the right time in the right way will help them learn faster what the acceptable behavior is!

How do you stop a dog from getting over excited?

5 Ways to Calm an Overly Excited Dog

  • Don’t Encourage Excited Behavior. The worst thing you can do is to pay attention to an overly excited dog.
  • Encourage Calm Behavior. Encouraging your dog to calm down is the flip side of the first tip.
  • Wear Your Dog Out (and Possibly Yourself!)
  • Provide Outlets.
  • Keep Yourself Calm.
  • 21-Oct-2019

    What age do puppies stop getting excited?

    Most dogs are going to start calming down at around six to nine months of age. By the time they’ve reached full maturity, which is between one and two years of age, all that excessive puppy energy should be a thing of the past!

    Why does my dog get overly excited?

    The most common cause of excess energy is a lack of exercise. The animal is gaining energy from its food but has no exercise for release, so it builds up until the dog releases the energy in a burst of zoomies.

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