Can you raise a bear as a pet?

Can you raise a bear as a pet?

Surprisingly enough, there are at least six states in which bear ownership is legal: Nevada, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina. You may be able to own bears in other states, but you’ll need to get a special permit first.

Do bears like being pet?

Just like almost every domesticated dog in the world, bears love nothing more than to be pet by their favorite humanand this video is proof of their particular affinity for tummy rubs.

Can a black bear be domesticated?

They are WILD animals. You cannot domesticate them. They will always be wild animals.

Are domesticated bears dangerous?

Not to mention they can easily kill you (or at least seriously injure you) with just a small swipe of their very, very large paws. Even animal trainers and bear owners with years of experience of handling a bear knows that their loving pet bear could easily kill them in an instant.

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